I am a Finnish nature photographer specialised in northern nature. I was born in Kemi which is small town at the shore of Gulf of Bothnia in northern Finland. I got an interest in nature already as a child. I started photographing nature as school boy inspired by another dear hobby, ornithology.

Ornithology taught me a lot about bird behavior and their habits, which is fundamental information for the succesfull bird photography. I photograph mostly wild northern nature therefore my company name is Northphoto.

The most interesting photo topics for me are still birds but I do mammal and landscape photography too. Although northern nature is very dear to me, I have also made photography expeditions abroad; Europe, Canada, South- and East-Africa and Madagascar. With my photos my aim is to visualize the beauty of nature, its uniqueness and diversity, and make people interested in nature and its preserving. I try to visualize values of nature. I have studied education and conservation biology.

As a passionate photographer, teacher and adventurer I guide workshops and expeditions for other photographers to some of the Finland´s wildest and remotest areas. My company, Northphoto, is specialized in guiding photography tours and workshops and education in nature photography. Northphoto also sells my bird-, mammal-, and landscape photo licences.

An essential part of nature photographing is light. There is plenty of northern light here in Finland. Finland and especially Northern Finland is full of opportunities for a nature photographer. The pure and rich untouched nature with many National Parks (all of which are free of charge) offers good elements for photographing. Northern light, changing seasons, nightless night , aurora borealis, snow and ice, a rich fauna and flora makes Finland a unique destination for nature photographers.

I am a member of Finnish Professional Nature Photographers